Rabbi Shalom White

Rabbi Shalom White was born in Sydney, Australia and educated at Moriah College. At 13, his family moved to Israel and he learnt in Yeshiva for six years. He then went on to study in New York for two years and was ordained in Melbourne by world renowned Rabbis. He has lectured and taught in Or Haya Ladies College for teachers, taught in Rabbinical College in Israel, and has 12 years of practical outreach work. Rabbi White is a qualified Shochet and a Mohel. In 2004 he moved with his wife Odeya and daughter Chani to Perth, Western Australia where he has been running services, programs, camps, events and festivals for the existing community and reaching out to those in other areas of Perth.

Rabbi White is currently heading the Chabad Lubavitch movement in WA. He lectures at Carmel High School part-time and recently trained in New York at the Rhor Jewish Learning Institute. The prestigious and world-renowned course is now available in WA under the leadership of Rabbi White. Since living in Perth, Rabbi White has five more children, Levi-Yitzchak, Menachem Mendel, Chaya Mushka, Shterna Sara and Yehuda Leib. Besides spending time with his family and friends, he enjoys sports, hiking and discussing Jewish topics.

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